New Product

SY21299DBC - High Current Step Up Regulator
SY20445QMC - 1.8V Minimum Input and 5. 5V Maximum Output
SY20489ADC - 5.5V Maximum Output, 3A Valley Current, 1MHz Sync Boost
SY20666RLC - 1.5MHz, 5A Continuous/6A Peak, 18V Input Buck
SY20652QNC - High Efficiency, Built-in Inductor, 2MHz, 2A, 23V Input Sync Buck
SY20623QNC - High Efficiency 3MHz, 3A Inductor Built-in Synchronous Buck
SY21248ARAC - High Efficiency Fast Response 8A, 23V Input Sync Buck
SY21248RAC - High Efficiency Fast Response 8A Continuous, 16A Peak, 23V Input Buck
SY21196ARAC - High Efficiency, Fast Response, 6A, 18V Input Synchronous Buck with I2C Interface
SY21133DBC - High Efficiency Fast Response, 3A, 23V Input Sync Buck
SY7T609+S1 - Smart-Plug, Smart-Lighting Energy Measurement Processor
SSL5031CTS - Compact high power factor/low-THD buck LED driver IC
SSL5021BTS - Compact low-ripple buck LED driver IC
SSL2109AT - Compact non-dimmable LED controller IC
SY6827DFC - Dual Channel 6A, Ultra Low Loss Smart Bridge
SY6331 - 3.6-5.5Vin, 3-channel 150mA LDO Regulator

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