SY6331 - 3.6-5.5Vin, 3-channel 150mA LDO Regulator


? 3-channel output LDO
? Fixed output for each channel
? Output voltage accuracy: +/-2%
? 150mA output current for each channel
? 170mV dropout voltage at 150mA output current
? Current limiting protection
? Thermal shutdown protection
? Quiescent Current: 200uA
? RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
? Compact package: SOT23-6

Typical Application


The SY6331 is a 3-channel linear regulator, capable of delivering up to 150mA output current per channel. Each channel linear regulator can achieve 170mV dropout voltage at 150mA output current. Output3 channel is controlled only by input UVLO, output1 and output2 are controlled by the EN input, resulting in a great flexibility for system level design.


? Camera module
? MP3/MP4
? Wireless LAN
? USB accessory

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