SY6827DFC - Dual Channel 6A, Ultra Low Loss Smart Bridge


  • Low RDS(ON) for internal bridge FET: 15mohm
  • Maximum output current per channel: 6A
  • Distribution voltages: 0.6V~5.5V
  • Compact Package: DFN2x2-8
  • Programmable turn on delay
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Programmable ramp-up time
  • Automatic output discharge at shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection

Typical Application


SY6827 is a dual 6A ultra-low loss Smart Bridge for the intelligent power distribution in the computers or portable electronics. It reduces the number of point of  load regulators required in a system and minimizes the power consumption at standby mode. Tiny DFN2x2  package also minimizes the solution size and PCB cost.

Programmable turn-on delay allows the proper power sequencing during the transition of different operation modes. Programmable ramp-up time minimizes the inrush current. Integrated over-temperature protection and short circuit protection improve the reliability of the overall system.


  • Notebook PC or Tablet PC  or Net PC
  • Desktop PC
  • Server
  • Set Top Box
  • E-Book or MID
  • Smart TV
  • Router
  • Industrial PC

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